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Install Binary Distribution

Mac OS with Homebrew


Install Using Homebrew

$ brew tap pegasyseng/pantheon
$ brew install pantheon
Display Pantheon command line help to confirm installation:

$ pantheon --help

Windows with Chocolatey



Close and reopen the terminal after installing Chocolatey.

Install Using Chocolatey

To install from Chocolatey package:

choco install pantheon


The Chocolatey installation installs JDK11 and updates the system JAVA_HOME and PATH environment variables. If your user JAVA_HOME or PATH environment variables are also set, update or remove these.

If you do not want your system settings updated by Chocolatey, install the packaged binaries instead and update the environment variables as required.

Display Pantheon command line help to confirm installation:

pantheon --help

Linux / Unix / Windows without Chocolatey



Pantheon requires Java 8+ to compile; earlier versions are not supported. Pantheon is currently supported only on 64-bit versions of Windows, and requires a 64-bit version of JDK/JRE. We recommend that you also remove any 32-bit JDK/JRE installations.

Linux Open File Limit

If synchronizing to MainNet on Linux or other chains with large data requirements, increase the maximum number of open files allowed using ulimit. If the open files limit is not high enough, a Too many open files RocksDB exception occurs.

Install from Packaged Binaries

Download the Pantheon packaged binaries.

Unpack the downloaded files and change into the pantheon-<release> directory.

Display Pantheon command line help to confirm installation:

$ bin/pantheon --help
bin\pantheon --help
Questions or feedback? You can discuss issues and obtain free support on Pantheon Gitter channel.
For paid professional support by PegaSys, contact us at [email protected]