Creating and Sending Private Transactions

Create and send private transactions using:


Private transactions either deploy contracts or call contract functions. Ether transfer transactions cannot be private.

Separate private states are maintained for each privacy group so the account nonce for an account is specific to the privacy group. That is, the nonce for account A for privacy group ABC is different to the account nonce for account A for privacy group AB. Use priv_getTransactionCount to get the account nonce for an account for the specified privacy group.

All private transaction participants must be online for a private transaction to be successfully distributed. If any participants are offline when the private transaction is submitted, the transaction is not attempted and must be resubmitted.


If sending more than 1 transaction to be mined in the same block (that is, you’re not waiting for the transaction receipt), you must calculate the private transaction nonce outside Hyperledger Besu.